How Energy Medicine Saved My Life

April 12 2018

For a long time I’ve wanted to tell my story about how I got into the field of Energy Medicine, but was letting my fears get the best of me; Until now. It is time. So, here is my story.. in all my vulnerability and strength.

Ever since I can remember I used to see dark things. Shadows, entities. They were terrifying and tormenting. I thought this was not a gift, but a curse I would never escape. In addition to that, my daily life was filled with dark, suicidal thoughts and dark actions done against me of the most terrible kind which had me shaking my fist to the heavens questioning “Why Me?! What have I done to deserve this life?!” It seemed that this darkness over my life would never cease and it was just getting worse and worse. The threats upon my life were getting more frequent and I was sure one day it would kill me.

It wasn’t until I chose to go to school for holistic nutrition that I was introduced to a class called “The Psychology of Disease” which was about how your emotions can physically affect you. My teacher was constantly saying “I’m hearing that.. I’m getting that” as if someone/something was giving her information. I felt drawn to her as I knew she must be like me! So one day I approached her after class after experiencing yet another attack from darkness the night before and I asked her how I can make it stop. She told me some information about my home and that there was an energy drawing these dark things to it.. and because I could see and sense them, they were coming to me. I asked her how I can make this stop and she simply asked me a question. “Do you want to live in a world of darkness and dark things or do you want to live in a world of light and goodness?” I said, “Well of course I want to live in a world of light and goodness!”. “So choose!” she said. Oh my goodness… it had not occurred to me that I could CHOOSE differently for myself. Up until this point I thought that this dark life was literally my doom.


That night I went home and from my heart of hearts I chose differently for myself. I chose to live in a world of goodness and light and then things started to change. Toxic people in my life started phasing out and the dark energies and entities stopped coming around so much. It truly felt as though there was a silver lining!

I knew I had to take my teacher’s Energy Medicine course. Perhaps I could help people with it! So, I enrolled. I learned the basics of Energy Medicine .. about chakras and cleansing, preparing yourself, your client and your space to do Energy work.. but I never thought I would find my ultimate salvation in this course.
While studying one night, I saw something in the course book called “The Death Wish” which looked very scary to me! I heard a voice say “That’s you.” I thought to myself, “What! No way! I don’t have a Death Wish! This is crazy!” I read about what a death wish was and it was basically being ‘dead inside’ .. void of love, trust, faith, happiness.. anything.. For years I was called ‘The Ice Queen’ and I never got the big deal because I was just being me. I didn’t think I was void of any of those things.

That night I dreamed of being called up to the front of the class and my teacher was working on me in connection to this. Sure enough, the following day, near the end of class my teacher said, “For some reason I think I should talk about the death wish. Yes, lets do that.. “ She closed her eyes and stuck her finger out.. pointing to each one of us in the class and she stopped at me and opened her eyes. “You!” she said, “Get up here!” I couldn’t believe this was really happening! She tested me for the death wish and sure enough I had it. My dream was really happening in front of the class just like I saw it!

She tapped my thymus point to check what age this death wish was placed and it was not until she tapped me and said “2” that I lost all control of my body. I began to weep and cry out like I’ve never heard. I felt so full of fear; as though I was going to wet my pants and fall to the ground and I began to lose strength in my legs and fall. My teacher held me up and called the angels in to calm me which helped. She told me the way the death wish was placed is how it would play itself out for the rest of my life until it was removed and that she was so sorry as she knew what had happened to me.

She took the death wish away from me and it was like this immense power came in and lifted something very big out of me. It was like the big dark shroud over me had been sucked out and had gone through the ceiling! I was left with this feeling I could not explain. I only knew I was so happy and wanted to hug everyone and tell them I loved them for no reason! After thinking about it that night, I came to the conclusion that that feeling was LOVE.. For my entire life I had no real idea of what that was. It was skewed and flawed. It was not that I was not loved, but I did not love MYSELF. I did not even know what it was TO Love. I was incapable of love and loving. In fact, I was void of it.

Everything my teacher said to me about how the death wish was placed and how it would play out made so much sense. The unspeakable and horrible way the death wish was placed DID continue to play itself out over and over and over throughout my whole life. I wondered if something was wrong with me and what I ever did to deserve what kept happening to me over and over.. each time more and more life threatening, violent and dangerous than the last.

Now I knew that it had nothing to do with ME and that it was something that could not be seen. Something I did not ask for. Something that was put upon me that no doctor could fix and no pill could remedy. None of this was MY fault. I thought of how many countless people there must be out there who are living a tormented life because of something unseen!

I wanted to do what my teacher did for me for others. I knew I was tapped in to a gift that I could use to help people be rid of what THEY could not see and what THEY did not ask for and for what was NOT.THEIR.FAULT.

I graduated from the Energy Medicine program and was certified to practice and I have not looked back since.

I am in the business of removing that which cannot be seen; darkness and negative energy that affects people emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically and replacing it with light and goodness, positivity and healing. I am a conduit of high light frequency power and I am here to help everyone I can to remove their shrouds of darkness and breath the fresh new air as new people full of positivity and light, so they can live their dreams and purpose in this world.
I too am truly living my dream and my purpose and am SO fulfilled.

If you are shaking your fist, crying out to the heavens questioning “Why Me?!” maybe I can help you!

Email me today at [email protected] to inquire.