Kristine Sunn

Kristine Sunn


Kristine is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and works via positive prayer, affirmation, healing touch, sound healing, light energy and other tools.

Having experienced a traumatic and turbulent life full of darkness and pain, Kristine understands firsthand what it is to feel lost, hopeless, and like you can never win. She came to know of Energy Medicine and the power it had to change her life from darkness to one full of positivity, happiness and light. After finding salvation through Energy Medicine, she became a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and set out to help people the same way she was helped - by spotting the negative energy roots in people that are keeping them from living their best lives and removing those roots. She continues to be blessed with new knowledge and gifts to help her clients feel their best inside and out.

It is every person’s right to know true peace and balance, and Kristine is there to help with her very unique energetic practice. She is a conduit for Divine/God’s light and energy and it is through this source that she does her work. Her genuine heart and honesty infuse her life's work to help those who seek her help. She accepts only those clients who are able to be helped, both in their and Kristine's highest interests. Her ultimate goal for every client is for them to reach a place where they are able to help themselves, and be free of blocks to live a life of peace and happiness on their own.

Kristine is a Certified Nutritional and Energy Medicine Practitioner (hons) from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and has been in practice since 2011 focusing mainly on Energy Medicine.

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Practitioner Services

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine works to remove negative energy from the body, mind and spirit while replacing it with positive/light energy

Energy Reading

Energy readings provide insight for you to make your own choices for your life. Kristine also may receive Divine messages for you during these readings.