Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine works to remove negative energy from the body, mind and spirit while replacing it with positive/light energy, thereby allowing for more positivity in one's life and being and the opening of doors for divine opportunity to come your way.

When negative energy is removed from the auric field and body, physical issues, pains and discomforts may also be relieved as well. This is because illness, pain, suffering or dis-ease are physical manifestations of the festering of negative energy

Regular energy cleansing sessions for yourself, your loved ones, children, and pets can bring in peace and balance. It helps to keep you and those you love in peak condition to handle life and everything going on around you.

As a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Kristine works via positive prayer/intention, affirmation, healing touch, sound healing, Chinese energy healing methods, light energy and other tools.

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**PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID all sessions are held remotely or by phone.

15(+) minute session: $36 + tax
30(+) minute session: $70.80 + tax
45(+) minute session: $110.62 + tax
60(+) minute session: $132 + tax
Each additional minute: $2.40 + tax


Kristine Sunn

Kristine Sunn NNCP, CNP, EMP

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Energy Medicine Practitioner